Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

million dollar habits book summary

Hello Friends, If you dream of becoming a Millionaire? So you must read “Million Dollar Habits” By Brain Tracy book. It doesn’t matter who you are? from where? What do you do? To become a Millionaire, you just have to learn the Habits of Millionaires. You also do what these successful people did. This post will teach you about those good habits, by practicing which you too can fulfill your dream by becoming a Millionaire. So keep reading…

1.You Are What You Do (million dollar habits book summary)

If you are dreaming of becoming successful, then your dream can be fulfilled. Everything is in your hands. Believe me, there is no limit for you, it is another matter if you give up yourself. You are the creator of your own success. Everything depends on your thoughts, your words, and your actions, which you are going to apply in life from today. 90% of your daily life work is such that it is your Habits and successful people practice success habits, repeat them daily. This is what makes them different from others. You too have to start with these success habits. Also, keep in mind that we can get rid of our bad habits by putting good habits into practice.

When George Washington was a teenager, he had read the book “The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior”, he kept all the 110 rules of this book in his small notebook. Every day he used to read those rules and practice them one by one. By the time he grew up and went into politics, good behavior had become a part of his daily life. He did not find it difficult at all to apply these good habits. That’s why you should also practice good habits, due to which good habits will come in you too.

2.Where Your Habits Come From

There are about 20 million neurons inside the human brain and each of these neurons is connected to the remaining 20,000 neurons and we use only a small fraction of these neurons in our daily life. So just imagine how much brain potential you have right now which you are not using at all. But successful people do rather do too much. What kind of thoughts comes to your mind, what goes on in your mind most of the time? Understand that your thoughts can change your destiny. You attract only those things that you keep thinking about.

For example, if you always think about money and success, then you will get such opportunities which will give you a chance to earn money. On the contrary, if a thinks about accidents or diseases or is always worried, then the same becomes a part of his life. So always think positive and keep control over your thoughts. With practice and repetition, your mind will think only positive things and you will feel happier and more successful than before.

3.The Master Program of Success (million dollar habits book summary)

Successful people wake up thinking only about what they want. Every day, every minute successful people think about achieving what they want and that is why they always make decisions that will lead them to their goals. While unsuccessful people think the exact opposite, they always feel that they will not get what they want. The unsuccessful just keep complaining and blaming others. So what will you be? The choice is yours.

Let’s say you have a goal of earning $50,000 every year. You think all the time that how will you earn this amount. If you want to make yourself more productive, no matter what happens in your office or whatever the economy is going on, you will be earning that $5000 money. So think about your biggest dream and make that your goal. Just think about how you will achieve your goal. This is the master program of your success. The most important habit of success is self-discipline. This is the habit that makes you do what you want to do, whether you want to or not.

4.The Habits of People Who Become Millionaires

Do whatever you can to earn a lot of money in your career and if you follow good habits then one day you will definitely become a Millionaire. People who have a positive mindset get a lot of opportunities to be successful. One such good habit is “saving”, experts believe that humans create habits. This means that whatever condition is in front of us, we adapt accordingly. For example, if you save 20% of your salary every month, then you will get used to living with the remaining 80% of your salary. You will not find it difficult at all.

When you save, forget that money completely. Do not include it in your budget. You can try saving more if you want. Challenge yourself that you will save $ 40 monthly and gradually increase the amount of savings to $ 200 monthly and then you will see that after two years you will have a savings of $2,400 in your account. Now you can call yourself financially independent.

5.The Habits That Get You Paid More and Promoted Faster

Henry Ford once said, “To be successful in life, you must know what you were born to do and then do what you were born to do”. If you love your work. So you will earn more money and your progress will also be there. This is a very simple formula. This way you will know whether the job you are doing or your career is right for you or not.

Brian Tracy developed a special habit, which led to his early promotion and also earned more. This habit was “taking more responsibilities”. Tracy used to work in a big company. He started his career in a small position, but Tracy was not happy with this position. So he asked his manager for jobs with great responsiveness because some wanted to do challenging. One day the manager gave Tracy a big project that was not part of Tracy’s job profile. Yet he completed that work with all his heart. The manager was happy to see Tracy’s work and her dedication towards work. After that, big projects kept coming to him one after the other. Within just a year, Tracy got promoted and all this happened because of her habit of becoming responsible towards her. (million dollar habits book summary)

6.Habits of Top Businesspeople(million dollar habits book summary)

You should be very clear about your mission or purpose. what is it that you achieve
want? What would you like to give to your customers? How much profit do you wish to earn from your business? If your goals are clear then only you will be able to take the right decision.

For example, You can set a goal in your business, such as “Providing the best products and services to your customers so that your profits increase by about 15% every year”. Your mind should be clear about how much profit you want to earn and when to earn.

7.Habits of Personal Effectiveness

High income, a fulfilling job, good health, a lovely family with whom you can spend a lot of leisure time can all be yours. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Effective people adopt certain effective habits that make them an all-rounder in every field of life. Along with his professional life, his personal life is also wonderful.

For example, Tracy promises to each of her clients that they will do double enjoyment with double earnings in life. Joanne was one of Tracy’s clients who thought it was not possible. Joanne Daly works in the office for 12 hours due to which she could not give time to her family. She was always under stress and she could not understand what to do about it. When he discussed all these things with Tracy, firstly Tracy asked him to make a list of the things that Joanne was to do within a month. There were a total of 16 tasks on his list.

Tracy asked her, “What’s the one thing on this list that you do all day that would give your company a big advantage?” Joanne pointed her finger at a big important task, then Tracy asked her to assign the 2nd and 3rd important tasks. Tracy said “These three tasks are 90% of your responsibility, which meant that the remaining 13 tasks

i.e. 10% of the tasks were such that were useless. But Joanne was giving them too much importance and because of this, she lost her family life. Was not able to enjoy it. She could get these tasks done by others too. Joanne has now focused on these 3 tasks and gave better results in her work than before. She completed all her three tasks very brilliantly. Two months After that her office hours also changed. Now she works 8 hours a day, that too from Monday to Friday. Tracy fulfilled her promise. Joanne’s income also doubled and she has more time for family. She spends quality time with her kids and husband which gives her a lot of comforts(million dollar habits book summary).

8.Habits for Getting Along Well With Others

There are three great habits that can improve all your relationships. The first habit is acceptance, that is, to accept others. It is very important especially for parents, spouses, and children. Learn to accept them as they are, don’t try to change them, accept their weaknesses too. Learn to love them as they are, there are no conditions in love. Love whomever you want with their strengths and weaknesses.

The second habit is to be grateful. Gratitude is very important in a good relationship, so do not forget to say thank you to your family and friends. for your everyday
Thank the above for giving you good health, you have a job, you are getting two meals a day and your family is safe. Say thank you to every person who cares about you in some way or the other
Helps with.

The third habit is to compliment. It feels great when we give compliments to someone. Hearing praise, people not only feel positive but also give better performance. It has some boomerang-like effect, if you send positive energy, then you also have positive energy coming back. Praise people’s work or their special quality. By giving compliments, you make others feel comfortable and then it becomes easier to maintain the relationship. But always give genuine praise.

9.The Habits for Health and Well-being

Who doesn’t love a healthy and fit body? Everyone would like to have a healthy body which is free from all diseases. For this, Tracy gives a simple advice that there are three white poisons that we have to stay away from. This is sugar, salt and white flour. If we want a fit body, then we should stay away from all types of processed food or fast food and junk food. Sugar and salt are in very high levels in processed and junk food which are harmful for our body and mind.

You should avoid soft drinks and sweets as much as possible. Breads and pastries are made from white flour, in which nutrients are negligible, while whole grains are considered very good for health as they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat more beans and pulses too. The cure for more than half of your diseases is hidden in a good diet. By taking a healthy diet, you will be saved from diseases like heart attack, obesity and cancer.

10.The Habits of Character and Leadership (million dollar habits book summary)

How would you like people to be remembered? How people will remember you after you are gone, depends on your present character. When you leave this world, people speak well about you and think well, for this it is important that you pay attention to your today’s behavior. So do as much as you can to help others, build as many good relationships as you can.

Another good habit is “reading biographies of successful people” you can learn a lot from them. You will get to know how these great people improved their character and became experts in their respective fields. His extraordinary life stories will motivate you a lot.

The habit of reading brings many positive changes in our life. From books, we get to learn those values, which are in the life of successful people. Whatever you have learned so far in the “Million Dollar Habits” book summary, if you keep practicing it, then one day will come when you too will become successful like these people and fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire. million dollar habits book summary

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